Improving aesthetics results

Porcelain Fused to Metal is one of the oldest restoration in the industry, but it is far from forgotten. Being able to create beautiful and functional PFM crowns is a staple for any dental laboratory, and the Oral Design® team has been setting the bar for quality since its creation.
PFM restorations are indicated for crowns and full-arch bridges with any metal or porcelain margin design. PFMs are also ideal for crowns & bridges used in conjunction with screw-retained implants, attachments and partial dentures.
Oral Design® partners with Ivoclar Vivadent the world leader in quality products. Through Ivoclar we have a wide variety of alloys  that can be used for our PFMs and full cast crowns. 
At Oral Design® we use d-SIGN® porcelain and butt-joint shoulders to improve aesthetic results. d-SIGN® is a unique combination of fluorapatite and leucite crystals that disperses light throughout the ceramic in a manner similar to natural dentition. In all our PFM crowns, we use precious alloys.
In some cases, we use a system such as Bright Gold®, that are based on 98% pure gold. They represent the ultimate in biocompatibility, they eliminate the greying of shades and shadows at the gingival level, and procure a life-like natural looking restoration for your patients.
While using the PFM technique, we ask dentists to pay special attention to the anatomy of the tooth, and that they bear in mind that in the space they prepare, we will have to create a natural looking tooth with optimal aesthetics and function.