Diagnostic Wax-Up

A valuable tool for any smile makeover

Waxing is a determining step in case planning. Wax-up lets you show to your patient a three-dimensional image of the finished treatment plan.
At CRH Oral Design, we offer the most realistic wax-up possible. It is the quality of the wax-up that will help your patient go beyond imagining their dream smile to actually seeing it. Moreover, wax-up can be used as preparation guides for tissue and bone-graft operations, and they can help determine proper placement and angle of implants.They are all crafted by our skilled technicians with a perfect understanding of anatomy and function, for ultimate provisional restoration.
Effective communication between labs, dentists, and patients is crucial. A diagnostic wax-up is a valuable communication tool. Incorporating the use of a diagnostic wax-up is a relatively small investment that will pay dividends in saved time and increased patient satisfaction.
  • We highly recommend the use of a matrix for temporization 
  • We require upper and lower detailed alginates for ultimate precision